Have Your tank pumped-up every 3 to 5 Years

The septic tank is a piece of plumbing equipment that you cannot afford to ignore. This equipment holds all of the wastewater from your faucet, toilet, washer, and more. The water slowly seeps into the soil at a rate that may not harm the land. Due to the high volume of water, most of the people use on a daily basis, a lot of water is pumped up into a tank drain field that can be distributed without maintenance, which means you should have the tank pumped-up every few years.

The tested Littleton, Co. septic plumbers of Sure Comfort Services can perform this service additionally to new tank installations and repairs. If you notice an outsized patch of overgrown grass on your property, it may mean that your tank is broken and you should contact one of our Littleton, Co. plumbers right away.

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Advantages of Septic Tanks

If you your entire neighborhood is on a septic system, it is tough to change to a sewer because it needs the whole community to comply with the installation. There are various advantages to being on a septic system, that is why over 1/4 of USA citizens still use them. For one, a septic system is sturdy and long lasting. Septic systems can stand up to heavy storms and typically last anywhere between 20 and 40 years. They are also environmentally friendly, as they add water to the soil while filtering out any harmful bacteria.

Septic tanks offer the following benefits:

  • Eco friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Extremely durable
  • Cheaper than connecting to a sewage system

If you would to upgrade to a newer septic tank or need maintenance on an existing model, decision our Littleton, Co. plumbers in Littleton, Co. at (720) 571-0838.