Centennial Garbage Disposal Installation

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Garbage disposal, like any other appliance or fixture, will wear out over time. Sometimes they corrode and leak, other times they begin to jam regularly or start getting noisier. It’s not uncommon to have to replace your garbage disposer every 12-15 years (or less depending on the make and model).

Not all disposers are created equal, and there can be lots of options. Considering horsepower, noise dampening, and bio-dispensing for septic systems, you have a lot of factors to sort through. Choosing the right fit for your sink can get a bit confusing if you’re not in the know. A Sure Comfort Services plumbing professional can help you find the perfect Aurora garbage disposal replacement to fit your needs and your budget.

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Warning Signs

Make sure you keep an eye out for signs that your garbage disposal is wearing down. There are a few key indicators that your disposal in need or a replacement rather than simple repairs.

Signs your garbage disposal needs replacing include:

  • Strong odors coming from the sink
  • You have to turn the disposal on and off multiple times for it to work properly
  • The disposal is making strange noises as it runs
  • It takes longer than usual for debris to pass through the disposal
  • Your drains have been clogging frequently

By identifying these problems early, you can have your disposal replaced before any major damage occurs. Have our Centennial plumbers come out to take a look. We do not start any work before telling you what the cost will be.

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