How to Make Sure Your Plumbing Can Handle Summer’s Demands

Most homeowners in Parker, CO generally don’t think about plumbing as often during the summer, as opposed to the winter months. At Sure Comfort Services, we are always doing the thinking for you. We know that even the warmer months come with their share of maintenance chores that should be considered.

Summer is a great relief from the cold and relentless winter season. It’s even a huge improvement over spring, because one can count on warmer days and longer evenings. It is easier for kids to play outside and adults to enjoy the activities summer only permits. There are not  potential freeze issues to worry about.

But, summer brings a different set of plumbing problems into your home. To make sure you’re not going to face any surprises, use this checklist to check up on areas that can end up being costly to fix if you don’t keep them in check.

Try to Prevent Clogging

We welcome the heat of summer in Parker, CO. The cold of winter is gone, and we can stretch our legs and walk outside without a coat. However, it means we’re going to spend more time in bathrooms to wash perspiration and sweat and feel fresh. With our families, that means everyone’s going to use the bathrooms more often!

Aside from increased water usage, your toilets and sinks will be subject to abuse in many forms! (Yikes!) With children out of school and summertime visitors – it can get extreme. Remind everyone to be mindful of what they are flushing and to use the garbage can in lieu of the toilet for facial and baby wipes, q-tips and the like.

Keep an Eye on Your Hot Water Heater

Your water consumption will go up, which means your water bills will increase in proportion. With gardening, watering your lawn, flowers/shrubs and the increased showers we mentioned, there will be a lot of extra usage. And, extra showers will also mean another potential problem on the horizon: your hot water heaters — tankless or not — will be working more often.

If they’re more than 10 years old, it’s likely they’ll require some maintenance from top-tier Parker, CO plumbers. Heaters that have are older than a decade have their own set of faults. Making sure they work properly will help you save money and prevent leakage too!

Take Care of Your Washing Machine

Most households have a lot of extra clothing to wash during the summer months. We tend to change clothes more often in the summer and have a lot of extra towels due to outside activities.

Just like your hot water heater deals with frequent bathing, your washing machine will contend with frequent washing. Make sure to check your washing machine and hoses for any leaks that can potentially skyrocket your already inflated water bills. Lastly, check on your appliance’s health and allow plumbers to perform an inspection and maintenance service.

Check Your Sprinklers and Leaky Hoses/Couplings

There is so much watering to do during the summer months in Parker, CO –  to keep everything alive and looking pretty.  Whether you have underground sprinklers or drag hose around and attach sprinklers, always watch for leaks.

Make sure all couplings are not leaking and letting water go to waste in areas that do not need water.

A great way to know if your underground sprinklers are leaking is to check the softness of your lawn’s soil. Softer areas underneath the sprinkler pipelines indicate more moisture. Have them inspected before using them to avoid any inflation to your water bill.

Watch What Goes Down the Kitchen Drain – More Fresh Food, More Organic Garbage

Parker, CO homeowners love preparing food with the freshest ingredients and produce available in local wet markets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy, but the preparation requires more water than the amount you use during the other seasons. In turn, it means you have more water consumption and more garbage landing inside your kitchen sink and garbage disposal.

Your garbage disposal unit can handle just enough peels and rinds. However, it can only take so much. If it should reach its limit, it can lead to some of the smelliest leaks or clogs due to rotting peels. A great way to prevent this is to use a separate container when disposing of used cooking oil, peels, rinds, bones, and other solid organic waste during food preparation.

To make sure it works effectively before summer even starts, have a local Parker, CO plumber, like Sure Comfort Services, check up on its condition, perform in-depth cleaning, and possible repairs. In doing so, you avoid possibly huge expenses for a thoroughly clogged garbage disposal unit.

Get Regular Maintenance from Professional Plumbers in Parker, CO

Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of mud, snow and cold. However, make sure your home’s plumbing systems and appliances are functioning their best to prevent expensive repairs in the long run.

If you need the best plumbing services in Parker, CO, you can count on Sure Comfort Services to help you. We are Parker, CO’s go-to plumbing company with decades of experience providing top-notch plumbing services. Contact us today!