Centennial Whole House Humidifiers

Protect Yourself from the Hazards of Dry Air

Dry air has been proven to provide viruses and bacteria with prime breeding ground. Diseases and allergens thrive in dry weather, especially inside the home. If your family is frequently sick, or you’ve noticed your skin drying out, consider installing a whole house humidifier. These devices maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your house year round so that your body does not have to suffer as the weather changes.

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Hazards of Low Humidity

Our homes and even our bodies were built to thrive in moist air. Dry air makes the body work harder to stay warm, making it more susceptible to infections and discomfort. Likewise, buildings exposed to dry air often crack and peel along the walls and floor, resulting in expensive maintenance work. Even electronics begin to malfunction if there is not enough moisture in the air.

Dry air can result in:

  • Cultivation of viruses and bacteria
  • Cracks in hardwood floor
  • Higher energy bills (dry air is cold and many people end up turning on their heat excessively)
  • Sore throats
  • Bloody noses
  • Static shocks and electric charges in appliances

Learn More about the Benefits of Controlled Humidity

If you have ever lived in a muggy area like a swamp, the idea of creating humidity in your home may sound crazy. While it’s true that excess humidity is uncomfortable, a controlled exposure from a humidifier is proven to improve health and indoor air quality. You have full control over a whole house humidifier, allowing you to release to as much or as little humidity desired.

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