Centennial Air Conditioning Services

We Do Everything from Routine Maintenance to New Installations

Having your air conditioner checked once a year before the warm months start gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing the chore has been dealt with, and confidence that your home will stay cool all summer long. Sure Comfort Services can provide you with high quality Centennial air conditioning installations and repairs in addition to routine maintenance. During maintenance, our vigilant technicians meticulously examine your unit for any damages and take steps to prevent future problems. Afterwards, they clean up their workspace and give you an update on how your unit is faring.

Stay on top of your air conditioner maintenance by callingĀ (720) 366-3757. Always know when your air conditioning needs replacement or repairs!

How to Keep Your AC Healthy

Air conditioners are tough pieces of machinery. Barring natural disasters and freak accidents, annual maintenance should be enough to keep your unit running through its entire lifespan-usually about 15 years. That said, do not ignore warning signs that your air conditioner may need repairs. An inefficient unit could be raising your power bills and waiting too long to fix it could break the system down beyond repair.

Your air conditioner may be broken if:

  • Strange noises come from vents while the unit is running
  • Air runs a long time without the room getting much cooler
  • Debris is flowing out from the vents
  • There is moisture around the unit or air vents

Installing a New Air Conditioner

There will inevitably come a point where repairs are no longer practical, and you will need a new air conditioner. Sure Comfort Services offers a wide variety of models from brands that our knowledgeable HVAC technicians have personally approved. After a free on site evaluation, our team can recommend an Aurora air conditioner that is well suited for your home.

To schedule your air conditioning services with Sure Comfort Services, callĀ (720) 366-3757.