Commercial Backflow Prevention Installation Services in Kiowa CO

Backflow is a common health and environmental hazard that could affect commercial establishments (and even homes). It is the unwanted flow of water, gases, mixtures, or pollutants into the drinking water supply. The effects of backflow could be as serious as sewage or human waste contaminating fresh water systems.

How does Backflow Occur?

Backflow could occur due to back siphonage or back pressure. When the water distribution system develops a negative pressure, back siphonage occurs, which draws water from the private water system into the public water system. When the water pressure in a private system exceeds that of a public distribution water line, it can cause the normal flow to reverse. This is called back pressure.

What is a Backflow Prevention Installation?

A backflow prevention installation includes a mechanical valve assembly designed to prevent backflow once the water has passed through the valve. Different backflow prevention assemblies may be required for different levels of hazard. Like all mechanical devices, the backflow prevention installation requires periodic maintenance and testing.

Mandatory Requirement to Install Backflow Prevention Assembly

In Kiowa, Colorado and other areas, it is mandatory for all commercial, industrial, irrigation, and fire line services to install an approved backflow prevention assembly. There is not any exemption for any commercial establishment with regard to backflow preventer installation requirements. The purpose behind this regulation is to protect the public water supplies from contaminants and pollutants that could get drawn into the water supply from any type of private properties. Drinking water quality and standards in Kiowa, CO and other areas are regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Apart from having a backflow prevention installation in place, the commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars, and laundromats are also required to have the assembly tested every year by a certified backflow prevention installation tester.

Sure Comfort Services Offers Commercial Backflow Prevention Solutions

If you have a commercial establishment in or around Kiowa, Colorado, you could require a backflow preventer installed to comply with the local regulations. Get in touch with our experienced technicians at Sure Comfort Services for commercial backflow prevention installation. Call us at 720.410.5088 today!